It's like the fun never ends!

I'm something of a compulsive reader (not joking), and I like to write. My humorous fanfiction is devoid of bad language and innuendo (to the best of my knowledge), and is therefore child-friendly. (I should mention, however, that my humorous fanfiction is full of random acts of violence, and I have a disturbing tendency [it disturbs me, at least] to make my villains as likable as possible.)

I'm a Christian. I have strong opinions about a lot of things, but I won't bash you over the head with them unless you ask me to. I believe that we were put on this earth to glorify God, but also to enjoy him and the things he has given us (not just material things, but friends, family, talents, etc.). After the Fall, it became impossible for us to do either of those things. God is holy and cannot tolerate sin, so God and mankind became separated. We may strive to reach perfection or an exalted state on our own, but we can't. Fortunately, God is also merciful, which is why he sent Jesus Christ to die and live again in the place of those who believe. With Jesus as our perfect representative, the separation between God and man (and women) closed. If you have questions, please write to me!

My blood type is AB positive. When I first learned about blood types, I thought it sounded nice to be the 'Universal Receiver', which shows what sort of person I am, and when I found out I actually was a universal receiver, I was thrilled to bits. Unfortunately, the sight of blood makes me feel faint.

I'm a total control freak. Nuff said.

My parents are aliens, but the legal kind, and my father grew up in a house older than the United States of America.

This is pretty much a private journal by now, but I will occasionally post other odds and ends where they can be read by my friends or the general public.

The live journal icons I use were created by enriana, avendya, _night_lily, scoti, Gaeriel Mallory, proverb, selena25 or myself. I think that's everyone. I apologize if I left some wonderful LJ icon-creator unnamed.
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