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100 Ideas for Your Inevitable Legolas Fanfic

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100 Ideas for Your Inevitable Legolas Fanfic

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be yourself
Since it is inevitable that all fanfictioneers will write a story about Legolas at some time or other, I decided to write a list of 100 ideas for such a story.

If any of these ideas inspire you, feel free to make use of them! (Though it would be nice if I got some credit.)

I have put a star next to the plot devices I have actually seen employed in a work of fanfiction.


Part One: 1-50

Disclaimer: I own nothing pertaining to the Lord of the Rings. I do, however, own this list.

Angst Options

1. Legolas’s father is evil and violent.*

Was there ever a better way to make Legolas suffer? Legolas’s evil father can do anything, since he’s a king. Even private torture chambers are logical and acceptable. You do not need to specify why Thranduil is evil; those who read your story will realize that he is evil right away, the moment he starts abusing their hero.

(Other particularly good ideas for making Legolas suffer are explored in #7, #29, #45, and #46.)

2. Legolas’s father is insane.*

Insane Elvenking = Violent Elvenking = Suffering Legolas.

The insanity might possibly pacify the few girls out there who like Thranduil. Think up good reasons for his insanity (he’s sad that his wife died, he got dropped on his head when he was little, Legolas drove him around the bend, etc). If people begin whining at you for your ‘OOC’ Thranduil, DO NOT ADMIT YOUR GUILT. Instead, direct their attention to all the other stories that make Thranduil look worse, and continue to torture Legolas to your heart’s content.

3. Legolas’s father is possessed by Sauron.

I haven’t seen this plot yet, which surprises me, because it seems like the obvious thing to do. With Dol Guldur lurking nearby, and Thranduil devoid of magic rings, getting him possessed by a Dark Lord would be a solution to his problems, and your problems! You now have a plausible excuse for why Thranduil is evil and deranged.

Alternate Idea: Legolas is possessed by Sauron.

4. Legolas’s father keeps Legolas locked up.*

In the Books, Legolas mentions that Aragorn has traveled more than he. This is why. Legolas was locked away by his evil, insane dad! He languishes for years in a tower of some sort, gazing out over the woods, and trains rats for his amusement.

Ending: Elrond saves Legolas from his father. Legolas goes to Rivendell and lives happily ever after. This ending will ensure more positive reviews.

5. Legolas’s father is trying to get Legolas married off.*

This sort of story can devolve into a Legomance with frightening speed, but if you think you can maintain the angst and the character of Evil!Inconsiderate!Thranduil, then it should work well enough.

6. Legolas’s life is saved by his repentant father (who dies).

It’s like that scene in The Lion King in which the father saves his lion cub in the stampede, and then dies (because no Disney parent survives long). Not that the Elvenking has to die in a stampede, but the principle is the same: when the child gets into a deadly situation, he gets saved somehow at the price of another character’s life.

For a more poignant story, make Thranduil evil up until the point when he rescues Legolas. It should be easy to explain his sudden change of heart, because no one can remain immune to Legolas’s charms for long.

Alternate Idea: Legolas’s life is saved accidentally by his bumbling father (who dies).

7. Legolas’s life is saved by his best friend (who dies).

When Thranduil isn’t readily available to die saving Legolas’s life, give that esteemed position to Legolas’s friend. NONE of Legolas’s friends survive their friendships with him. So don’t feel bad about killing off the poor guy.

Advice: For more angst and sadness, make Legolas’s friend a carefree, upbeat Elf who helps Legolas when he is unhappy. The more cheerful the friend is when he’s alive, the more upset everyone will be when he’s dead.

8. Legolas’s friend turns out to be a spy from Lothlorien.

At first glance, this might not seem too angsty. However, a talented writer will explore Legolas’s feelings of horror and betrayal as he realizes that his friend was really a spy for Lord Celeborn (who is the Elvenking’s nemesis). Pile on the angst as the friend leaves for Lothlorien, leaving a jaded Legolas behind.

9. Legolas’s friend is beaten up by someone.

This idea has rarely been put to use. This is because people prefer reading about Legolas’s suffering over reading about the suffering of Legolas’s friend. Usually, either the friend is killed outright (see #7), or he escapes the battle, ambush, etc., completely unscathed. Experiment with hurting Legolas’s friend, so that Legolas can get upset over the suffering of someone else for once.

10. Legolas’s friend is turned into an orc who later severely injures Legolas.

Talk about irony. The common roles of Legolas and his friend are reversed. This time, Legolas is the one to nearly die at the hands of his friend. He is shocked, horrified, severely injured, traumatized for life... and angsty.

Advice: For more angst, Legolas, wounded by his best-friend-the-orc, kills the orc without realizing that he was his best friend. He discovers this unpleasant fact too late.

11. Legolas’s pet dies.

A dog is an Elf’s best friend, but in Mirkwood, spiders can be pets too! (Do not read the chapter in The Hobbit titled ‘Barrels Out of Bond’, in which Professor Tolkien practically tells you that this is not true.)

Invent a pet for Legolas, give it a cute name, and give the two of them happy memories of having fun with each other. Then kill this pet off. Legolas is not allowed to have too much happiness in his life.

Alternate Idea: Legolas’s pet spider turns on him and devours him.

12. Legolas’s elvish immunities fail him and he becomes sick.*

This is the most logical way to get Legolas sick. Being an Elf, he won’t catch a cold or fever unless YOU step in and do something about it. In this case, be sure to invent a good reason for Legolas to lose his immunities (grief, wounds, poison, etc).

13. Legolas is kidnapped.*

Here is Legolas. He is a cute, innocent child. He is snatched from his home by vile kidnappers. Instead of focusing on why they want Legolas, focus on all the pain and suffering Legolas is experiencing. Readers will never notice the plot holes.

14. Legolas is held hostage.*

Advice: For this sort of story, make sure that Thranduil and Legolas have a caring, loving relationship. There is no point to the story if Thranduil doesn’t want to get his son back. (But who said your story needed a point?)

15. Legolas is sold into slavery.*

If you feel that the whole ‘Legolas is kidnapped’ thing is too much of a cliché, then try this innovative new plot. Legolas is sold into slavery! No one realized he was an Elf-prince! Oh no!

Of course, he gets away somehow.

16. Legolas is beaten up by mortals.*

In Legolas’s world, only one good mortal exists. His name is Aragorn. All other mortals are EVIL. To maintain feelings of continuity in your story, make sure mortals clobber Legolas at every opportunity (in a pub, in a dingy town, in the woods, etc). Every time Legolas encounters mortals, they should attack him. Whenever Legolas is not being attacked by mortals, it should be because the mortals are setting an ambush for him.

17. Legolas is beaten up by elves.*

I’m sure it’s been scientifically proved by now that Elves make the best bad-guys. It always comes as a shock to readers when they discover that Legolas has been clobbered by his own kind! It also creates an interesting moral dilemma when Legolas wonders if he should get revenge on them or not.

If you don’t feel capable of writing moral dilemmas, try Idea #18.

18. Legolas is beaten up by dwarves.*

No moral dilemmas here! After Legolas has been attacked by the evil Dwarves, he gets his cunning revenge on the smelly little brutes. No reviewer will complain about the treatment of the Dwarves, because everyone 1) hates them, and 2) likes to see Dwarves stupidly falling into Legolas’s traps.

19. Legolas is beaten up by hobbits.

You have not seen this as a plot for a fanfiction yet, have you?

While Legolas wanders through the Shire, suspicious hobbit thugs attack him and bludgeon him unconscious with their farm equipment. If this sounds implausible, then explain that Saruman has bent the hobbits to his evil will. Legolas does not fight back because hobbits are cute and he doesn’t want to hurt them.

20. Legolas becomes blind.

You don’t need a reason for this.

21. Legolas becomes deaf.*

You still don’t need a reason. As long as Legolas is not having a good time, people will read about it.

22. Legolas gets his fingers chopped off.

In days long past, when archers had a purpose on a battlefield, those that were captured by the enemy had the index and middle finger of their right hand chopped off. The lives of the prisoners would be spared, but without these two fingers, they could no longer shoot a bow.

It seems logical that if Legolas got captured by the (evil) mortals, they would chop those fingers off forthwith.

23. Legolas gets his ears chopped off.*

I once read a story in which this happened. I think the writer of the story was a bit desperate. You can be desperate too!

24. Legolas is badly injured.*

This sums up everything that I haven’t specifically mentioned yet.

25. Legolas loses his memory.*

“Where am I?”

“You’re sitting in my favorite chair, Legolas. I hope you aren’t getting it dirty.”

“Who are you?”

“Ha, ha, Legolas. You’re so witty I could cry.”

“Who am I?”

“Er... I used to think you were Legolas, but now you’re acting really strange... Excuse me as I rush to get Lord Elrond.”

26. Legolas becomes schizophrenic.

No, he does not have to make weird noises or refer to anything as his ‘precious’.

You know, I thought up a great idea for a Glorfindel story, in which he finds out that he is schizophrenic and that Erestor is a figment of his imagination. This would account for 1) why no one ever sees Erestor, 2) why Erestor is Glorfindel’s exact opposite and 3) why Glorfindel is Erestor’s only friend.*

But anyway, I’m supposed to be writing about Legolas...

27. Legolas becomes excessively paranoid.

This makes sense! Legolas has undergone so much, that he could easily develop a case of extreme paranoia! Perhaps he’d get hurt less if he stayed in his bedroom, away from Aragorn.

Write about the trials Legolas must experience before he reenters the world with his old confidence and aplomb.

28. Legolas develops a bizarre phobia.

There are lots of bizarre phobias out there. Pick one and give it to Legolas! Be as random as you like about this, since there probably is such a phobia in real life.

29. Legolas contracts a horrible wasting disease.

There is such thing as being too original. While people like to read about Legolas undergoing some unpleasant illness, few fangirls will want to read about bits of Legolas rotting and falling off. The sickos who stick around to see what happens will probably NOT be rooting for Legolas’s survival.

30. Legolas has unknown problems.

This plot idea involves lots of mystery. Legolas wanders off, and returns... changed. None of his friends know why or how. Tantalize readers with clues and hints, and then stun them with something unexpected. (‘It was the squirrels who did it!’)

31. Legolas accidentally kills his friend.

Face it. No matter what happens, Legolas’s friend is doomed. Legolas has come to grips with this sad fact; you should too. When Legolas accidentally kills his friend, you get an opportunity for even more angst, especially if the friend gets a few moments to forgive Legolas before he dies.

32. Legolas is banished from his home.*

You get to pick the reason for his banishment. Poor Legolas is cast out of his homeland and is forced to wander around Middle-earth being cool and heroic. Perhaps he meets Aragorn at this time in his life. Aragorn, the happy-go-lucky mortal, will soon have Legolas feeling better about himself.

33. Legolas is mistaken for a murderer.*

Everyone thinks Legolas is a murderer, but he’s not. Either he looks like the murderer, or he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Legolas does not enjoy being thought of as a murderer, so there’s plenty of opportunities for angst.

34. Legolas is a murderer.

Legolas is a murderer, but his fangirls love him anyway. A twisted, evil Legolas can be very appealing, especially after a fangirl has just been overdosed with a bunch of fanfiction about Poor!Sweet!Noble!Legolas.

35. Legolas is stalked by an assassin.*

While it may be really tempting to make the assassin female, once again you’ve got a potential Mary-Sue on your hands. If you want to write a Legomance, then give in to this temptation. If you want something angsty and action/adventurey, then focus on Legolas, and not the assassin.

(The assassin will, of course, not manage to kill Legolas. This nearly goes without saying. But you can PRETEND Legolas is dead a few times, just to keep readers on the edge of their seats.)

36. Legolas is a recipient of an ancient curse.

Be imaginative. There are lots of ancient curses out there. Be sure to ask this question in your summary: WILL HE THWART THE CURSE AND SURVIVE? And, sure, go ahead and use all capital letters like I did.

37. Legolas becomes an orc.

It seems likely that Legolas’s fangirls will hate you for writing this story. But don’t let this stifle your creative genius!

38. Legolas is forcibly conscripted into the Easterling army.

His worst nightmare has come true...

39. Legolas is hit by lightning.*

Legolas discovers that Manwë has always hated him. Alas, by then it’s too late.

40. Legolas dies.*

DO NOT kill Legolas quickly. Draw his death out, and give him time to say a few profound last words to his sobbing friends. Afterwards, write about how much everyone misses him (even the people who previously didn’t like him).

Poor Legolas. By killing him, you’re putting an end to all his suffering. It’s an act of mercy, and he’d thank you, if he could.

Warning: You will be hated forever by Legolas’s fangirls (i.e. half the female population) if you write this.

41. Legolas appears to die, but comes back to life eventually.*

This is a much better option than Idea #40, because people won’t feel like they have to throttle you. Also, you get to enjoy TWO very different responses: the outraged reviews of those who think Legolas is really dead and their ecstatic reviews of thanksgiving when it turns out he’s really alive.

42. Legolas is drugged.*

Alternate Idea: Legolas becomes addicted to his pain medication. *

43. Legolas is poisoned.*

The Elves of Rivendell don’t like Legolas. It’s true. Legolas, despite being a prince, is too lowly and common for their sophisticated tastes. So they poison him somehow. Angst, angst, angst.

It does not have to be Rivendwellers who poison Legolas, however. Anyone can do it, as the many fanfictions out there will attest.

44. Legolas is a vampire.

You might want to label this one AU, but if you can be really creative, feel free to taunt the purists with your ingenuity. Write an essay to explain that there are vampires in Middle-earth. Once Legolas is a vampire, send him out to seduce innocent maidens. Readers will love it.

45. Legolas is wracked with guilt.*

The cleverest and most original scenario in this category is for Legolas to feel guilty because he didn’t stop the Uruk from blowing up the wall at Helm’s Deep. However, nearly every Guilty!Legolas scenario is clever and original. There is SO much opportunity for angst when Legolas is feeling guilty that I can hardly begin to describe it. The words ‘guilt’ and ‘angst’ are nearly synonymous.

You cannot consider yourself a true writer of fanfiction until you have written a story in which Legolas feels guilty.

46. Legolas is trapped in a cave.*

For this story to be even more effective, include flashbacks of the other time Legolas got trapped in a cave. This way you get to have two trapped-in-a-cave stories in one, and thus, you get double the angst potential.

47. Legolas is trapped in a mine.*

There is a subtle difference between being trapped in a cave and being trapped in a mine. While caves contain such natural wonders as poisonous reptiles and weird underground-lake creatures, mines are full of ORCS and DWARVES. Both Orcs and Dwarves like torturing Legolas.

In caves, you get to highlight Legolas’s cave-phobia, but in mines, you get to have some blood and agony. Take your pick.

48. Legolas is attacked by monkeys.

To the best of our knowledge, Mirkwood has no monkeys. Which means that the monkey attack comes as a great shock to Legolas.

Alternate Idea: Legolas is attacked by monkeys, but in a humorous way.

49. Legolas is trampled by oliphaunts.

He survives, but you can write the scene so well that your readers nearly die of heart attacks.

Hint: Don't actually try to kill your readers. If they're dead, they can't review.

50. Legolas is captured by Sauron.*

Sauron has heard of Legolas, and wants to use him in his nefarious schemes. He captures him somehow, and then you get to write about fifteen chapters of Legolas being depressed and in pain!

It will be fun! Go forth and write!


*I have called this Erestor's Schizophrenic!Glorfindel Challenge, and I invite you to write such a story. Humor, angst, drama, parody... it can be any genre.
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